Lucky Dip – Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Stuff you already knew deep down but now have to accept because the New England Journal of Medicine has proven it: potatoes, potato chips, sugary drinks, and meat (processed and unprocessed) drive weight gain; fruit, vegetables, nuts, yogurt and whole grains drive weight loss. I am consoled by the lack of mention of chocolate, which I am deeming to be neutral. [The Atlantic]

Toronto school board votes to stop stocking soda pop. Now what are they gonna do about the just-as-caloric juice and chocolate milk still in their vending machines? [National Post: Posted Toronto]

Bees, please. Beekeepers dealing with phobic neighbours want the right to make honey in their own back yards. [USA Today]

Steven Davey gives Against the Grain a thumbs up for the grub and notes that, unlike other pubs in the same chain, female servers get to wear pants not ass-grabbers (aka. super-short plaid skirts). Let’s hope these trends of great food and non-misogynistic uniforms at corporately-owned pubs is something that catches on. And while I’ve never felt much love for Lake Ontario, there are plenty of places to dine with a view of the water. [NOW]

The history and popularity of clotted cream. Not to mention, how to stack it with jam on a scone. [The Guardian]

Now I know why caviar is so expensive – farming sturgeon is complicated. [Globe and Mail]

Any city that still has downtown slaughterhouses will have the occasional escapee (I have memories of living in Kensington Market and guys chasing chickens through our backyard); in NYC, many of these escaped animals really do make a run for a better life at a farm animal sanctuary. [City Spoonful]

How do you like your pasta? [Toronto Sun]

Supermarkets need to stop wasting perfectly good food. [Grist]

It’s hot – you need a popsicle, or some ice cream, kefir, kulfi… [The Grid]

The new restaurant etiquette – for customers and servers. [Time]