Lucky Dip – Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

In Toronto:

The Group of Seven Chefs have announced that they’ll be doing a James Beard dinner on September 12th. Congratulations to everyone involved, it’s quite a coup.

Banh Mi Boys (392 Queen Street West) expects to re-open on March 26th.

You should go:

Boehmer (93 Ossington Avenue) holds their weekly lobster boil tonight (and every Tuesday). $18 gets you your own tasty crustacean with garlic butter.

Montgomery’s Inn (4709 Dundas Street West) hosts a St. Patrick’s Day tea on Saturday March 17th from 1pm – 4pm. Featuring tea-time specialties from the Emerald Isle including porter cake, shamrock cookies and more. $10.

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Lucky Dip – Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Dear fellow women… don’t. Just don’t. Seriously, remember how our mothers and grandmothers fought for all that good stuff like equal rights? That included not having to drink shitty pink beer in a box designed to look like a purse because marketing people don’t think we’re bright enough to make choices beyond that which appeals to our “girly” side. Be better than pink beer ladies. Please. [Eater]

I discovered Benjamin Bridge Winery on a trip to Halifax a few years ago, and am so happy to see them getting the recognition they deserve. One of Canada’s best wines, indeed. [Globe and Mail]

Why buying fruit is a lot like gambling. [Bon Appetit]

Dear David Chang, it’s called “overexposure”, and you’re perilously close to the edge. [Grub Street New York]

Aw, nuts. There’s a big recall on walnuts. [Toronto Star]

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Lucky Dip – Monday, June 27th, 2011

I’m pleased to see a food-centred blog on Moneyville, and savvy-shopper-type tips on how grocery stores manipulate shoppers are useful and important. But for the life of me, I don’t get point #1 and the disjointed logic the writer uses. Having grown up with family members who worked in a grocery store, I’m pretty sure that the produce misters are there to keep greens like lettuce from wilting and drying out, not to make them look better so you’ll buy more junk food. [Toronto Star: Moneyville]

Big, wide rock fingers to Joshna Maharaj for not only talking about how chefs need to be involved in food activism but for getting out there and doing it. Maharaj is working with Scarborough Hospital to make patient meals there more nutritious – and delicious. You rock, lady! \m/_  [Globe and Mail]

My friend Jodi’s Great-Grandma used to make moonshine. And much hilarity ensued. [Nostrovia!]

I’ve been contemplating writing a piece on how restaurants can utilize social media, but this one says everything that I would have. Like, OMG – ditch the crap flash website and get yourself a WordPress site. [Zester Daily]

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Lucky Dip – Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

Stuff you already knew deep down but now have to accept because the New England Journal of Medicine has proven it: potatoes, potato chips, sugary drinks, and meat (processed and unprocessed) drive weight gain; fruit, vegetables, nuts, yogurt and whole grains drive weight loss. I am consoled by the lack of mention of chocolate, which I am deeming to be neutral. [The Atlantic]

Toronto school board votes to stop stocking soda pop. Now what are they gonna do about the just-as-caloric juice and chocolate milk still in their vending machines? [National Post: Posted Toronto]

Bees, please. Beekeepers dealing with phobic neighbours want the right to make honey in their own back yards. [USA Today]

Steven Davey gives Against the Grain a thumbs up for the grub and notes that, unlike other pubs in the same chain, female servers get to wear pants not ass-grabbers (aka. super-short plaid skirts). Let’s hope these trends of great food and non-misogynistic uniforms at corporately-owned pubs is something that catches on. And while I’ve never felt much love for Lake Ontario, there are plenty of places to dine with a view of the water. [NOW]

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