Lucky Dip – Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Remember how excited we all were when Toronto announced a policy to buy local food for government services like schools, seniors’ homes, jails and daycares? Yeah… here come the Fords, and nothing is safe anymore. [Toronto Standard]

It’s Pride weekend people, and you need to know where to eat. Steven Davey’s got a list of new places along Church that you need to check out. [NOW]

You know, there’s lots of weird shit for sale in Kensington Market, but moonshine, out of a bakery, no less, has got to take the cake. [Toronto Star]

The quandry of the quarry. Your food could be at risk. [The Grid]

Candy-eaters less likely to be overweight? Don’t go scooping up your lucky dip bag just yet, it turns out they can’t really figure out why, other than the presence of a certain protein in the non-candy eaters. So it’s not (unfortunately) a sweet deal. [Toronto Star]

Technology helps chefs organize and tweak recipes. [Wall Street Journal]

Ow, ow, ow… I did that bad thing where I went and read the comments on a post on the internet. So while the article says that snacks are what is making us all fat, all of the commenters (who obviously all have degrees in medicine and nutrition…) can’t seem to agree on that conclusion. [Globe and Mail]

Do you keep your rubber on? Your lobster, that is? Only girly-men dig the taste of rubber-infused lobster meat. Cut those suckers off before cooking! [Toronto Star]

Word of Mouth: new menu at the Gladstone, previewing the Taste of Lawrence, and does Rob Rossi’s decision to leave Mercatto have anything to do with the outcome of Top Chef? []