Lucky Dip – Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Some Toronto bars have taken up brewing their own beer – with great results. [Open File]

I gripe sometimes about living in a building where I have no yard and no balcony. But then I read pieces like this and remember just how gross it was to live in a house and have to smell someone else’s BBQ stink wafting over the fence. [CNN Eatocracy]

Looking to lose weight – avoid the diet soda. [Toronto Star]

And this is what happens when you sign a contract with a discount coupon company and then ignore all the clauses – like the one that says to not do the same deal with another company for 90 days. I don’t think anybody has any sympathy for The Butchers and the coupon mess they got themselves into. [Toronto Star]

Okay, seriously, what restaurant manager doesn’t know that they have to allow service dogs? That’s always the excuse trotted out in situations of discrimination – and, no, you can’t know the law and then discriminate because there are too many dogs, either. [The Consumerist]

Oh PETA, did you learn nothing from mocking Rudy Giuliani’s cancer? Stop using the misfortune of others to try and push your agenda. It makes you look heartless and stupid. [Globe and Mail]

We’ve dubbed FOX the “Gordon Ramsay channel” because the man seems to be on every time we hit the local station. But are we starting to tire of Mr. Shoutypants? More swears in one episode than Deadwood… okay that’s impressive. But as a commenter points out, why does he always sound like it’s staged? [The Guardian]

Ice pop anyone? I wonder if my Mom still has those old Tupperware molds in her attic somewhere. (I love the pic for this… give the dog the popsicle, already!) [Toronto Star]

Hot dogs are the hot new trend. [Globe and Mail]

Too much of a good thing? NYC food trucks are on the move as police use a regulation dating from the 1950s to prohibit them from setting up in a metered parking spot. [New York Times]