Lucky Dip – Monday, July 4th, 2011

“Chefs are not sane people. If you were sane, you wouldn’t be working 14 hours in a kitchen. So all I’m saying is that there is a lot of ill-will in the kitchen towards certain people.” Chef Christopher Lee on the death of fine dining, bloggers, Eater, and food celebrities. [Food Republic]

This is wrong, on so many levels, but I really can’t help wanting one. Lobster stuffed in a waffle. [Orange County Register]

All that work to add calorie counts to menus? yeah, the kids don’t even care. [Toronto Sun]

Once considered a tool of the devil, we now find it impossible to live without the fork. [Gizmodo]

There are some places ice cream shouldn’t go and some things that plain out don’t belong in ice cream. [CNN Eatocracy]

While you’ve gotta admire the girl’s creative spunk (selling cookies to raise money for school), I’d question the wisdom of telling the country’s most popular paper that you’re baking said cookies in your home kitchen and then selling them to the public, something that is not in any way considered legal. [Toronto Star]

Go ahead and eat that sausage – a new study finds no link between pancreatic cancer and cured meat. [Reuters]

A whole bunch of people have gotten sick from backyard chickens. [Food Safety News]

Ordering the secret off-menu specialty of a restaurant is only fun if nobody else knows about it. [The Guardian]

Ludacrisps, Yeastie Boys… the hip hop food pyramid. ~groan~ [MTV]

Ayds go best with a hot drink. The many stupid diets of the past century. [The Awl]