Lucky Dip – Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Will city council get the message that their job is about more than balancing the books – or will Toronto lose the local food procurement policy we’ve worked so hard for? [Joshna Maharaj]

And the winner is… Top Chef Canada finishes its first season with an upset, at least for the hometown crowd. [National Post: The Appetizer]

This is very bad news for someone who eats out for a living – eating at restaurants boosts risk of obesity. [Orlando Sentinel]

Gah! The price of palm oil is declining due to “increased supply”, AKA more deforestation. Come on you guys, stop eating shitty food made with palm oil and save some rainforest already. [Bloomberg]

See those weeds? Those are good eats. And plenty of them around the city. 10 foods you can forage in the city. [Toronto Tasting Notes]

Diabetes and POP. Not the soda kind, the “persistent organic pollutants” that get passed along to humans by feeding meat remnants to other animals and around and around again, as is typical in industrial farming. Could be that the rise in diabetes could be at least partly attributed to increased industrial meat consumption. [Mother Jones]

Dogs and vegetarians were driven to madness. David smokes his own bacon in the backyard. [Food With Legs]

Okay wait, maybe my geography is skewed but the statement; “The brown bear population has risen to about 35 in and around the Dolomites after 10 were reintroduced there a decade ago.” doesn’t seem like it should be licence to run around hunting and eating bears. 35 is still a very small number. If we were talking about feasting on Ontario black bears, I might agree. [The Guardian]

When I first read the headline, I thought that “liarexics” were women who ate very little in public and then scarfed down a whole cake in private. Turns out it’s the opposite – gals who enjoy a good meal at a restaurant, but then live on consomme and lettuce leaves to stay slim while pretending to be a hearty eater. That’s fucked up, yo. [Daily Mail]