Lucky Dip – Monday, July 11th, 2011

CSA programs have worked for vegetables, cheese and meat-producers… why not a brewery? And if it happens to help the environment by allowing said brewery to add solar panels and reduce their hydro usage, all the better. Plus, the prospect of of some great one-off beers for the next three years is icing on the cake. [Toronto Sun]

It’s free Slurpee day at 7-11’s everywhere (get it? July 11? 7-11?). Before you go, know how the brain freeze you are about to experience really happens. [Food Republic]

If you didn’t pick serviceberries last week, you might be out of luck now, the heat has turned them into raisins that are only good for the birds. My friend Charlotte and her daughter Maggie went serviceberry picking for the first time this year and have a great story to tell about it. [Not Far From the Tree]

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when everyone’s still half asleep, it helps to keep things simple. [Well Preserved]

What’s that, you’re under 6 years old? No food for you! A restaurateur in Pennsylvania bans young children from his establishment. [WTAE]

Your Mom was right – eat your greens. But don’t cook them too much, or they won’t do you much good. [Toronto Sun]

Do you think you’re helping your server by stacking your plates and wiping up messes? Think again. [Westword: Cafe Society]

Wild blueberries made their first appearance at the markets on the weekend, and at Elspeth’s cottage, where she had to share her patch with a blueberry-loving dog. [Elspeth Copeland]