Lucky Dip – Monday, July 18, 2011

Think you’re saving the world by shopping at the farmers’ market? Think again. [The Guardian]

While Toronto city council voted to maintain the local food procurement policy, take a look at all the loopholes that pretty much gut any positive good that comes from such a decision. [NOW]

Austrian authorities plan to watch for really big BBQs after thieves make off with a truck full of mustard and ketchup. [Globe and Mail]

Chefs and their food tattoos. [The Financial Times]

Could you kill your own meat? [National Post]

Hyacinth bulbs, pigs blood and chocolate… the things we’ll eat because chefs put them on their menus. [The Guardian]

Use is up and donations are down. Parkdale’s food bank is at risk of closing – again. [Toronto Star]

The Michelin restaurant guides lose $24 million a year. So why not scrap them? [Eater]

There’s plenty of tasty goodness in Toronto’s alleys, parks and vacant lots. [Folks Gotta Eat]

Speaking of food banks – you can give a virtual hug and Daily Bread will receive a jar of peanut butter. [Daily Bread]

Salt, no salt. Salt, no salt. Experts are squabbling on how much salt (or how little) we should be consuming with studies refuting former studies and outcomes changing based on who pays for said study. [Globe and Mail]

Why are fast food burgers still cheaper than healthy vegetables? Government subsidies might have something to do with it. [Salon]

The ongoing – and growing – food problems in India. [Toronto Star]