Lucky Dip – Tuesday, August 9th, 2011

First of all, a tweet from a visiting chef about the smell of the city really isn’t a story, ya’ll are streeeeetching it there, Toronto Life. And more importantly, at this time of year, Chinatown/Kensington smells of more than just dried fish. It’s a complicated melange of durian, those long fried bread sticks, rotting produce, cooking soybeans, and chicken shit, plus a bit of fish, BBQ, and coconut bread, depending on the day of the week. [Toronto Life: The Dish]

Sick of Yelp? What took you so long? It seems that people are finally cluing into the fact that their tastes and criteria for “good food” may not match up with that of strangers on the Internet. [Bon Appetit]

Some new fast food items with over the top calories, fat and sodium. (I am craving the Hawaiian pancakes now, I don’t care.) [The Beast]

Sustainably-raised, LOCAL shrimp – in Las Vegas?? Baby, the things you can do with old shipping containers! [Good Food]

Ice cream truck! Ice cream truck!! The bylaw about parking near schools amuses me; we used to live across the street from a school and the ice cream truck would be there every day at 3:15, spewing petrol fumes into my living room. [Torontoist]

Speaking of ice cream, let’s all rejoice that we don’t live in Illinois, where it’s frowned upon (and possibly illegal) to put fresh strawberries in strawberry ice cream. [Chicago Tribune]

This is either utterly brilliant or very, very wrong – baguettes form a vending machine. [The Guardian]

Motherhome, the home of Burmese cuisine in Toronto. [Spice City Toronto]

Whole Foods does not wish you a Happy Ramadan. They’ll sell you some halal food “at this special time”, but because Ramadan is celebrated by terrorists, they’re just going to stay away from the R-word this year. [Houston Press]

Why the US debt deal just made food in that country a whole lot less safe. [Food Safety News]