Lucky Dip – Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Dear fellow fatties, join me in gesturing, “Price Is Right”-style, at a new program for determining health risks related to weight that says exactly what we’ve all been saying for years – WEIGHT IS NOT AN INDICATOR OF HEALTH. Fat folks can apparently be just as healthy as skinny folks, and, I know, surprise, just as smart when it comes to knowing their own level of well-being. [Toronto Star: HealthZone] [Globe and Mail] [National Post] [Toronto Sun – avoid the comment section here; the trolls are out in full force.]

Also, enjoying and savouring an occasional cupcake or hotdog is better than wracking yourself with guilt over it. The news is awesome today, isn’t it? [National Post]

Wait, if Canada’s version of the Food Network is “better” than the US station (and okay, Martin Picard does make a difference), why are we still getting all the crap shows from the US? Also, we’ll trade you 3 Canadian food network “celebrities” of your choice if you give us David Rosengarten (who is no longer on the Food Network, which is a crying shame.) [Village Voice: Fork in the Road]

The 411 on lactose intolerance; the least fun you’ll ever have while drinking a milkshake. [Globe and Mail]

Dear Coca-cola executives – fried or not, ain’t nobody going to confuse your product for health food. Also, admitting that your VitaminWater considers Kool-Aid the competition doesn’t really reassure anyone that your product is in any way good or wholesome. [Toronto Star]

Why eating alone isn’t all that bad. [Karon Liu]

Sure the weather affects what foods you buy, but it also affects what (and how much) of those foods grocery stores stock in the first place. (Still doesn’t explain Christmas fruitcake showing up in September though, does it?) [Daily Mail]

Bright colours, cute characters – how the junk food companies trick your kids into nagging you for their crappy products. [Globe and Mail]

One of the many reasons why I avoid weddings – wedding food cliches. [Bites]

Why it’s hard to get a farmers’ market going out on the Prairies. [Globe and Mail]

Aaaaand, yep, this is my head exploding. McDonald’s seen as healthier and fresher than Subway. Fucking hell. [Nation’s Restaurant News]