Lucky Dip – Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

The real costs of being a farmer and coming to market. It’s more than you think. [Ontario’s Own]

A celebrity chef’s name is no longer enough of a draw at newly-opened restaurants. Especially when you’ve taken over the Laurier in Montreal. [Globe and Mail]

Local butcher shops are a hot trend everywhere, but in the UK, they just might be the beginning of a return to the high street. [The Guardian]

Well, that explains the whole comfort food thing – fatty foods can alleviate sadness. Makes sense. [National Post]

The KISS-themed coffee house so popular in South Carolina will open a second location in Las Vegas. Alright, that’s it, I demand a Duran Duran-themed cocktail bar. [Las Vegas Sun]

The last Ontario cannery that processed local peaches closed a couple of years back. But there’s no reason why you can’t can your own. [National Post: The Appetizer]

When it comes to dieting, experts advise not to cut out protein, but in fact, to add more, especially if you’re older. [Globe and Mail]

I don’t know why she swallowed the fly, I guess she’ll die. Whether it’s because of novelty or a valid protein source, we’re eating more bugs these days. And the EU wants to be sure they don’t, you know, kill people. [The Guardian]

I’m so glad someone else had discovered the wonderful Pizza e Pazzi on St. Clair. And these pasta-inspired hairstyles are fabulous. [Drawn & Devoured]

Do restaurant reviews matter? [The Telegraph]

And if you’re a restaurant owner who does care about reviews, here’s a bit of advice – threatening a critic by insinuating that they’ve sexually assaulted one of your staff is almost never, ever going to work out in your favour. Just ask the folks at M. Wells in Queens, New York. [GQ]

Are we so used to crappy, laissez-faire restaurant service (see the main jist of the Richman piece above) that when a restaurant makes an effort, we get uncomfortable? [Seattle Met]