Lucky Dip – Monday, August 22nd, 2011

When you hear about the CNE’s “30 food on a stick”, you never really consider eating all of them. Or do you? My hero Jennifer Bain and the lengths she’ll go to for a story. [Toronto Star]

Did you know that Alex James of rock band Blur owns a farm and makes cheese? It’s so popular, he’s signed a deal to sell it in UK supermarket ASDA. [Orange News]

Crinkly bag = crunchy potato chips. Not that simple? It could be to our brains. [Good]

Biscuits, waffles, pickles and red velvet cake batter. The sometimes wacky things served with and done to fried chicken. [Eatocracy]

Food that fight fatigue. For when the 3pm coffee and donut and the 4pm crash and burn just aren’t on the schedule. [Toronto Star: Health Zone]

It’s tomato season. De-bunking some common myths. [Green Bay Hub]

When it’s difficult to get beer from other provinces, the rare ones that get through the red tape are celebrated. [Toronto Sun]

Do as I say, not as I do – a chef at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant is suspended for cursing out a server. [Mirror]

Things you don’t want to think about when you’re eating  in a restaurant – did someone have sex at this table? Here’s a hot New York trend that Toronto maybe doesn’t want to copy, hmmm? [New York Post]