Lucky Dip – Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

I’ve been attempting to avoid any and all 9/11 stuff for a variety of reasons but this one I just can’t let alone – 9/11 memorial wine. A wee bit of the proceeds go to charity, so that makes it okay, right? Eesh. [Globe and Mail]

Sweet merciful crap – I knew it was a growing trend but I’m a bit terrified by the “breastaurant”, also known as a “bra and grill”. These are restaurants where female servers wear scanty outfits in hopes of tips from drunken bozos. How very incredibly pathetic – for both the girls who work there and the sad losers who frequent the places. [Eater]

Too many markets, not enough farmers? Toronto’s had this problem for a few years now. [Grist]

You know them (hopefully you’re not one of them) – those people at the next table who screech and howl and make it impossible to think straight. So what do you do? And what should the restaurant do about disruptive customers? [The Guardian]

Apparently a team at Cornell developed a methodology to suss out fake restaurant reviews on sites like Yelp. How sad that we even need such a thing. [Huffington Post]

Nevermind the advice from nutritionists or the President’s wife… but if the preacher tells you to ditch the fried food and start eating healthy, well maybe God can convince people to do what nobody else can. [New York Times]

Could you manage to go a week, or a month, or more, paying no more than $10 for a meal? It means getting creative. But it’s not always about the food anyway. [Recipes For Trouble]

Could The Green Room be set for a return? [BlogTO]

Part of the allure of moonshine is that it’s not commercially available. If it’s on store shelves, then it ain’t moonshine. [The Atlantic]