Lucky Dip – Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Back in my days in Kensington Market, we’d refer to the week or so before school started as “pup season”; in part because of all the keen shiny young kids from cities and towns far and wide converging on Toronto to attend university, and also because if they were of the punk/goth/industrial persuasion, they’d inevitably be wearing a Skinny Puppy t-shirt. This week Steven Davey has a whole selection of food stories for “pup season” from cheap eats and late-night noshing to delivery options and of course, the obligatory experiment (especially for Skinny Puppy fans) with veganism. [NOW]

Speaking of cheap eats – will the Urban Eatery concept at the Eaton Centre actually work or is it going to be a big ol’ disaster zone come Saturday afternoons? [BlogTO]

New food adjective – “Hestonian”, as in the 3 Hestonian flavours of frozen cookie dough that Blumenthal is selling through Waitrose. [Telegraph]

Martini = gin & vermouth. That’s it. Appletinis do not count, and are just one ofthe many signs that you’ve picked a bad restaurant. [Food & Wine: Mouthing Off]

Bacon and butter = bad; foie gras and heritage pork = good. Anybody else get the hypocrisy of this? Frank Bruni does, and Anthony Bourdain apparently doesn’t. [New York Times]

But what if Paula Deen and the butter brigade could be convinced to focus (even just a little bit) on promoting quality (not fancy or gourmet, just quality) ingredients? [The Atlantic]

Mmmm… tasty smelts. [The Grid]

Arsenic in your chicken. Mmm, mmm. What exactly will it take for us to start demanding better quality food? [Globe and Mail]