Lucky Dip – Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Dear fellow women… don’t. Just don’t. Seriously, remember how our mothers and grandmothers fought for all that good stuff like equal rights? That included not having to drink shitty pink beer in a box designed to look like a purse because marketing people don’t think we’re bright enough to make choices beyond that which appeals to our “girly” side. Be better than pink beer ladies. Please. [Eater]

I discovered Benjamin Bridge Winery on a trip to Halifax a few years ago, and am so happy to see them getting the recognition they deserve. One of Canada’s best wines, indeed. [Globe and Mail]

Why buying fruit is a lot like gambling. [Bon Appetit]

Dear David Chang, it’s called “overexposure”, and you’re perilously close to the edge. [Grub Street New York]

Aw, nuts. There’s a big recall on walnuts. [Toronto Star]

As someone who hates looking at other people’s groady feet, I am a firm believer in  dressing appropriately for dinner and dress codes, especially ones that ban flip-flops in restaurants (or anywhere that is not a pool  or a beach, really). [Inside Scoop SF]

Oh, enough with the deep fried shit already. [USA Today: Bites]

And speaking of gum, “you can’t buy chewing gum anywhere in Singapore…” why – because it’s scary stuff that doesn’t biodegrade, that’s why. [Guardian]

Lots of chefs have been inspired by the food at El Bulli. And the tribute menus abound. [Globe and Mail]

Sody-pop. It’s cheap, it’s tasty and it’s bad for you. And people drink too much of it. [Grist]