Lucky Dip – Monday, September 19th, 2011

The best brewery in the country – is a little place in New Brunswick called Picaroons. [National Post: The Appetizer]

Can’t get a recipe to work? It might not be you, in these days of lean times at publishing companies, skimping on testing and editing is pretty standard. [Guardian: Word of Mouth]

Although it’s probably been brought on by the popularity of the restaurant Noma, the trend towards Northern European foods explains the sudden plethora of hip German, Alsatian, and Croatian restaurants around town. [Food Navigator USA]

And so starts the tide of Toronto food trucks. Let us now brace ourselves for the tsunami of bitching by self-entitled foodies when said food trucks are not in the locations previously publicized. [Toronto Life: The Dish]

The link between food and mood – with so many variables it’s hard to pinpoint, but scientists believe it does exist. [Guardian]

Belgium is the true home of the frite or French fry, but global demand for fries to be a certain way is making the authentic Belgian version obsolete. [Wall Street Journal]

Sexy time at the dinner table. Jay Rayner dissuades us from pairing the two. [Guardian]

Beer. This is why I won’t see my husband for the rest of the week. [Beer Booze Bites]

We’ve known for a while that we should be eating more little fish like sardines, but did you know we should also be eating smaller versions of big fish? [Grist]