Lucky Dip – Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

You know all that food you throw out every week because you buy ingredients to cook like the chefs on TV but end up eating take-out instead? Yeah, it adds up. [Today: Bites]

The US food media seems out of joint about Alton Brown’s “fanifesto” for his upcoming book tour, but go and read it. Not one word of it is even marginally unreasonable. [Eater]

Stock up while you can – there’s a pumpkin shortage down south, which could mean fistfights in the grocery aisle over the last cans of pumpkin pie filling, like we saw a couple of years back. [CBS Boston]

That joke about university students living on cheap ramen and beer is kind of true. Food bank usage on university campuses is way up. [Toronto Star]

The playland at your local fast food joint is full of grody stuff. So do you refuse to let your kids play there or do you work on the theory that a few potentially fatal bacteria will help their little immune systems get stronger?  [New York Times]

I guess it probably pegs me as a resounding food snob, and given my job, I’m obviously not your average restaurant diner, but the very idea of basing my decision of where to eat dinner on a restaurant guide site such as Yelp is just terrifying to me. I’ll consult the reviews from professional food critics, because they usually know what they’re talking about, but I really don’t trust the opinions of random strangers. [Toronto Star]

So, by this theory, if you drink some wine and smoke a clove cigarette while eating French fries, the acrylamide won’t even affect you. Okay, it’s a bit more complicated than that. [Food Navigator USA]

Could it be that blood glucose levels make fatty foods look different to obese people? It’s a wee, small study, but there might be some merit to it. [ABC News]