Lucky Dip – Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

The more warts, the better the flavour. Why you should be considering funky-looking heirloom pumpkins for your Thanksgiving cooking. [Toronto Star]

The two flavours of hogtown – might meaty and virtuously vegan. [NOW]

Could you eat for just $30  a week? That’s the equivalent that an American on food stamps is working with. [KETV Omaha]

How sweet it is. Mostly from amounts hidden in processed foods, Canadians consume 26 teaspoons of sugar every day. [Globe & Mail]

Foods that should be aphrodisiacs, but aren’t. [Funny or Die]

Local food bank use is easing up, but is still higher than it was in 2008 before the recession. [Toronto Star]

What’s in your food, Dude? Lies the food industry tells us. [Cracked]

I bet I’m not the only one who has gone past Tom Jones Steakhouse and wondered about what went on behind that imposing door. Turns out, it’s way old school with career waiters, crepes Suzette and the WASPish service that is out of style everywhere else. [The Grid]

Dear men everywhere, we’re not asking for a 3-piece suit. In some places you can even forgo the tie. But please… can you lose the shorts and flip-flops (and fucking hell, the stupid ballcaps!!!) at dinner? [Eatocracy]

Sorry, Alan Vernon, but I’ve been to William’s Landing twice and it was a nightmare of sloppy service and truly awful food both times. And that’s not any kind of inner food snob attitude (I’m a regular at the Shoeloess Joe’s a few blocks away), that’s my inner “if you eat this, you will be very, very sick” voice speaking. [Dine.TO]

Gordon Ramsay is in your kitchen. And he’s watching you. [Eater]