Beau’s Beer Dinner at the Queen and Beaver

Sometimes it’s hard being a princess. As a food writer, when it’s my job to eat what’s put in front of me, I try not to be (a princess, that is), but sometimes, it just can’t be helped. Sometimes, when it comes to eating lamb, other people get all princessy on my behalf, as was the case with the Beau’s beer dinner at Queen & Beaver on September 19th. Before I arrived at the Toronto Beer Week event, Greg had already mentioned to Chef Andrew Carter that I don’t eat lamb, which was to be the main dish of the evening.

Instead, I got the very tasty duck leg (above) with Spanish cherries. What I also got was an unmercilessness teasing from Chef Carter for well, being a princess.

Chef Andrew Carter of Queen & Beaver and Steve Beauchesne of Beau’s Brewing explain the beer pairings.

The ham hock and parsley terrine with piccalilli. Paired with Beau’s Lug Tread.

Smoked salmon and beetroot tapenade with goat cheese scone. Paired with Dunkel Buck.

Here, have an extra course – this pheasant pot pie wasn’t on the prepared menu. Chef Carter added it at the last minute. While wee (made in 3″ ramekins) and tasty, it might have been the tipping point into too much food for the night.

What everyone else got – wood roast shoulder of lamb with shitake pudding. Paired with Nightmarzen Oktoberfest Lager. When I’m presented wit ha lamb dish, I usually try to eat what I can of it, eating the sides and garnish but mostly pushing the meat around on my plate. It would have been hard to do with this dish, so thanks to Greg for scoring me the duck.

Cheese and bury simnel – a Lancashire cheese and a pastry that is a cross between shortbread and fruitcake. Paired with Roggenbier German Rye Pale Ale.

Wait, you thought that last course was dessert? Warm chocolate stout pudding with hazelnut creme fraiche and shortbread. Paired with German Porter.