Lucky Dip – Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Congratulations to my friend, colleague and mentor Jennifer Bain, for winning the Best Newspaper Food Column in the Association of Food Journalists Awards Competition. A well-deserved win by an outstanding writer. [Toronto Star]

Those vegetables in your dinner may have been harvested by a child. Don’t believe me? Watch the trailer for this new documentary. [Village Voice: Fork in the Road]

Don’t shit where you eat – and by that I mean don’t treat restaurant servers poorly. And if you just can’t help yourself, then at least remember to pay cash before you steal the tip jar and tell the waitress she’s fat, since if you use a credit card, you just might find your personal info plastered all over the intarwebs. [Globe and Mail]

Dear marketing companies – can we please get past this idea of products like beer and soda being for “girls” or “boys” only? Leaving aside all of the issues with diet soda in general, a product marketed just to men is as lame-ass and douchey as that shitty pink beer meant for women. As consumers, we’re above it. This little “girls stink/boys are dumb” game you’ve got going is insulting to everyone – and isn’t making you look particularly brilliant, either. [Toronto Star]

And if you think that diet sodas are a good alternative to their sugary counterparts, you might want to stock up on that toothpaste that protects tooth enamel – turns out that sugar-free products can strip tooth enamel. [Guardian]

The key to a long, happy life might just be cooking good food. Cooking dinner each night certainly helps keep this 99-year-old gentlemen happy and healthy. [National Post]

Eat the rich – no, really, those folks occupying Wall Street are getting hungry, and wealthy humans are flavourful and well-marbled. [BoingBoing]

More good news about chocolate – people who eat it, especially the dark stuff, have fewer strokes. [Toronto Sun]

A roommate who left hardened KD in my best pot for days, a house guest who put a chef’s knife in the dishwasher – sharing a kitchen can be crazy stressful. [Guardian]

So, exactly do people react when you offer them a free turkey? [Toronto Star]

2 thoughts on “Lucky Dip – Tuesday, October 11th, 2011”

  1. I agree about douchy gender exclusive marketing. Gender stereotypes continue to be perpetuated. I generally think that bias and preconceived notions influence sense of taste and that sometimes “I won’t like that” or “I don’t like that” (or conversely, deciding that something is “the best”) is influenced by what we hear about it.

  2. Pretty shocking how agricultural workers are not protected in the way that all other workers all… a tough trailer to watch; it sounds like an important film to see.

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