Lucky Dip – Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Has science found a way to turn off food allergies? Even more interesting to me is the similarity/comparison  to multiple sclerosis. I have a friend who swears that her MS gets worse when she’s suffering from food allergies – she literally can’t walk if she eats wheat. Really intrigued to see where this goes. [MSNBC: Vitals]

Is the now-ubiquitous Italian trattoria replacing the doughnut shop and pub? [The Grid]

Are we pushing the holidays or is everybody just excited to find out what “pine sugar” really tastes like? Heston Blumenthal’s mince pies go on sale in the UK this week. Last year they were fighting in the aisles and selling them at a 300% mark-up on eBay. [Guardian]

The pizza in a cone thing is not new – but it’s new to Toronto. The Mad Italian offers it at both Toronto locations. [Toronto Star]

8 ways to cut your food waste. [Culinate]

The pros and cons of the Guiding Star nutrition labelling program. [National Post]

Wow, people really will make (and join) a Facebook group about anything, won’t they? Perhaps you folks should spend less time on Facebook, and less time at Subway, and get a life. [Chow]

Mississauga bans shark fin – will Toronto grab a clue and follow suit? [National Post: Posted Toronto]

I’ve little patience with the Occupy Wall Streeters whining about their student loans – but if food issues were more prevalent in the protests, I’d be behind it 100%. [Civil Eats]

Wine smoothies – can you make wine taste better by aerating it in a blender? [Globe and Mail]