Lucky Dip – Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

Michael Schmidt is now on day 19 of his hunger strike over the lack of legalization for raw milk, and says he will continue until Premier Dalton McGuinty grants him a meeting. [Toronto Star]

When it comes to shoplifted items, cheese is the most popular food for people to steal. I’m guessing this is because it’s usually small enough to slip into a pocket. Shame about the crackers being so bulky. [Sky News]

The blood is the life… just in time for the season of ghouls and vampires, Toronto chefs are cooking with blood. And while, IMO, items like blood sausage tastes like rank death, some of the stuff (like a tart where blood is combined with chocolate) are actually really good. [Globe and Mail]

For all of those 99% complaining that they can’t get a job, any job at all, maybe they can explain why, all over the US, in the face of a crackdown on illegal immigrant workers, farmers are having to either turn to prison labour or destroy their crops because they can’t find unemployed people willing to do field work. [Wall Street Journal]

Confirmed – The Four Seasons‘ “mystery chef” is indeed Daniel Boulud. [Toronto Star]

Don’t let all that good meat go to waste – why it’s okay to eat roadkill, under certain conditions. [Smithsonian]

The entree – with so many courses ahead of it, the excitement generally wears off just about when the plate is set in front of you. [Esquire]

Drunkorexia – when mostly female students replace meals with booze. How very sad. [Globe and Mail]

Our obsession with food TV has morphed – into an obsession with baking shows. [Guardian]

Fill your snacks with protein and you’ll want fewer of them. [Globe and Mail]