Lucky Dip – Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Well, that’s enough to make you go vegetarian – burger war dick waving (aka. my burger is taller than your burger). [The Grid]

Speaking of stuff that might make you go veg – Maple Leaf Foods (you remember, with the listeria outbreak a few years back) will be restructuring operations, with a net loss of 1500 jobs. [Toronto Star]

Occu-pie. Pizzeria cashes in on the occupation of Wall Street. [New York Post]

Jon Bon Jovi opens a pay-what-you-can gourmet restaurant in New Jersey. Folks who can’t pay can volunteer, either at the restaurant or another food-oriented charity. Rock on. []

It’s been a very good year for mushroom foragers – the rain has made the spores go nuts and people are harvesting stuff all over the north east. (Those of us suffering from mold allergies would just like some damn frost already.) [Associated Press]

We often joke about eating the many Canada geese that live along the waterfront, but would you, really? Sarah Elton did, and lived to tell about it. [The Locavore]

Let’s hear it for tiny kitchens. Only hotels needs kitchens the size of air plane hangars. [Guardian]

I’m sorry, but really, there are people in the world who take stuff written on Yelp seriously? This needs to stop. Please, ignore them and they’ll go away. [New York Post]

One thing potential restaurateurs never consider before going into business is the extra expenses generated by customers stealing stuff. [Eater]

Have we maybe moved past cupcakes finally? I think we have, otherwise people wouldn’t be out in the world analyzing macarons. [Serious Eats]

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  1. Stacked tall burgers? Ewww.
    And I wonder if the mushroom boom will also apply to truffles? Fingers crossed…

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