Lucky Dip – Monday, October 31st, 2011

Uh… how much candy are your kids eating after Halloween that they’re getting cavities  and “weakening” their teeth? Sure, taffy and the like is probably not a good pairing with expensive dental work, but if your kids are eating enough Halloween swag to get a cavity, there are other issues at play. [Globe and Mail]

And so you know the value of what your neighbours have shelled out – the candy hierarchy. [Boing Boing]

Groupon usually gets you cheap deals for cheap food – but they’re expanding into upscale restaurants. Could we soon see Groupon deals for Scaramouche and Pangaea?? [Nation’s Restaurant News]

The difference between food allergies and food sensitivities. (Although, as an allergy sufferer, the bit about the scratch test being the gold standard is laughable. We really need to update allergy testing beyond a 100-year-old system that is famously inaccurate.) [Toronto Sun]

Batali does Fieri for Halloween. [Eater]

And if you’re going out for Halloween as something food-related, be prepared for the critique – foodie reviewers are everywhere, even on Halloween. [Village Voice: Fork in the Road]

Chefs cook up porridge for a fundraiser. [Toronto Star]

Dumpster diving – not just about freeganism or sticking it to corporations. Now it’s a way for hipsters to have more money for skinny jeans. [New York Post]

If a child hands you candy tonight, look at the wrapper. It’ll probably be fair trade chocolate. [Civil Eats]

Holidays are coming – time to start thinking about which celebrity cookbook you’re going to buy for the gastronome in your life. [Gothic Epicures VinCuisine]

And speaking of books – the beer lover in your life needs The Oxford Companion to Beer. [Toronto Sun]