Lucky Dip – Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Only in Toronto would we stop food getting to the poor because of wads and wads of red tape. Seriously, some 13 years after amalgamation, why do we still have 4 or 5 sets of bylaws on the books? Shouldn’t this have been one of the first things that was actually amalgamated? Meanwhile, poor people living in food deserts don’t get to enjoy the services of a mobile grocery truck because we can’t figure out which set of goddamned rules applies. WTF, people. [Toronto Star]

In the future, breadfruit will be the new potatoes. [Wall Street Journal]

If food bank usage can be considered a bellwether for the shape of the economy, we’re still not doing as well as we’d like. [Globe and Mail]

It’s fairly common knowledge that the UK has higher rates of alcoholism than North America, but who knew that kids were drinking more than the weekly consumption recommendations for adults – on a regular basis? [Telegraph]

Cozy, comforting and good for your diet. Soup has it all. [National Post]

Another reason, besides the yucky taste – to avoid black licorice. [MSNBC: Vitals]

Daniel Boulud dishes on his new Yorkville restaurant. [Toronto Star]

This might be the most adorable food truck ever. [Eater]

The best restaurants in Toronto to take your kids – or to avoid if you don’t want to deal with other people’s kids while you’re eating. [Toronto Life: The Dish]

Well that seems like it would justify hauling out the Billy Idol Christmas album – Starbucks rolled out their holiday cups this morning. [Eater]