Lucky Dip – Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

Give him a flat surface and an electrical outlet and Matt Kantor can cook up a gourmet meal pretty much anywhere. [Toronto Star]

There are your run-of-the-mill foodies, and then there are the folks who are so hardcore that they collect old menus. Or maybe they just donate their time to transcribing some of the massive collection of menus from The New York Library. Anyone with even a mild fascination with food in history needs to check this out. [Obit]

Speaking of food history, who knew that George Orwell was a food writer? [Guardian]

Heads, eyeballs, feet… why some of us find the creepy bits of food animals so delicious. [Globe and Mail]

Afternoon tea – how to do it right. [The Grid]

Ah, lovely, an interview with Clotilde Dusoulier that actually talks about her other work as opposed to just gushing about how she’s the  queen of the food bloggers. [Globe and Mail]

The weirdness that is food aversions. [Eatocracy]

In a blind taste test of chain coffee, Wendy’s and McDonald’s beat out Starbucks. Ha! [Globe and Mail]

The marketing madness that is coconut water. Stupid Rihanna ruining everything and making it all mainstream. [Slate]

Opening a butcher shop – one of the most complicated things to do in the food industry. [The Grid]