Lucky Dip – Thursday, November 10th, 2011

I hope to hell that my friend Steven Davey compiled this list of meaty dishes from Toronto restaurants over a year’s worth of reviews and didn’t spend the last few weeks running around town on a meat bender. Because this is a list to block arteries. [NOW]

This is a new twist on the pop-up restaurant, the location stays the same, but the chef and the food vary from week to week. [The Grid]

Want a quieter restaurant where people can actually have a conversation? Turn off the music. People will unconsciously talk more quietly because there’s less sound to talk over. [Inside Scoop SF]

If you eat some tasty truffles this year, check to see where they came from. They might just be from Tennessee (where they’ve been deemed to be every bit as good as the Italian ones), and they’ll have been hunted by the most adorable dogs. [Garden & Gun]

Chefs are the new rock stars, and everybody wants to be one, including people who can’t cook to save their lives. Having once been in the situation of trying to dissuade an acquaintance who really couldn’t cook from opening restaurant, I don’t know if there’s any advice that would work with this issue. Sometimes you just have to step back and let a friend fall on their face, even if you think you can prevent it. [Globe and Mail]

Uh… because they look like 11s, duh. McDonald’s in Chicago has decided that tomorrow will officially be “fryday”. Shoot me now. [Chicago Business]

Speaking of McDonald’s, did you know that the sizes of the portions in a Happy Meal today are the same as the adult meal items were back in the 70s? [Houston Press]

Ken Woods of Black Oak Brewing talks about what it’s like to be a craft brewer. [National Post: The Appetizer]

You killed it (accidentally), you might as well eat it. [Bon Appetit]

Here come the Chinese buns, a bellyful for everyone… (just because I haven’t dropped an obscure 80s music reference in a while.) [The Grid]