Lucky Dip – Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Wait now… people lined up to get into a grocery store? And they weren’t even giving away anything good like a free turkey? And there wasn’t anything like a natural disaster or an alien attack about to happen? Toronto really has turned into a city of consumer-driven sheep, hasn’t it? [The Grid]

I am utterly over the cupcake trend to the point of annoyance. And I never got into the Star Wars thing… but this cupcake is allowed to exist because it cracks me up. [My Food Looks Funny]

Why we’re all over the daily deal sites and why you should support local indie restaurants, just because. [Bon Appetit]

Nutty as a…? Grandma Deb’s might be the benchmark of fruitcake, but I’d still pit mine against all comers. (Actually, if you can get your hands of a piece of fruitcake from the recipe Chef John Higgens used at Buckingham Palace – THAT’S the benchmark of fruitcake.)[Toronto Star]

The interesting history of Vernor’s gingerale. [Serious Eats]

I don’t really care about Woody Harrelson or Pamela Anderson, and Morrissey is a twat, but these new US postal stamps from Peta featuring famous vegetarians are pretty awesome for 1 reason – Joan Jett – ON A STAMP!!!! [Bites]

Okay, so the spiked eggnog issue is sort of like the martini issue for me. If you use anything but dark rum in your nog, I don’t want to talk to you. [Serious Eats]

You can adopt anything nowadays, not just children or pets – for instance, trees, rows of a vineyard or a pig. [Globe and Mail]

Whatever happened to Tang? Oh, it’s still around, now in soursop flavour. [Fortune]

The folks at Godiva think that you don’t eat enough chocolate. Really, go on, have another brownie. [Wall Street Journal]