Lucky Dip – Thursday, December 1st, 2011

You’ll laugh your butt off at this, then feel guilty for doing so. And when it comes to selling fast food chicken, it’s a bit of a stretch. But who doesn’t enjoy the occasional playful dictator? [Daily Mail]

Old salty – people get freaking out about consuming too much salt, but too little can be just as bad. [Globe and Mail]

This is interesting – it looks as if the US is getting set to allow the slaughter of horses for meat. Which means fewer horses being shipped across the border to Canada for slaughter here. [Chicago Tribune]

Lazy Daisy’s is kid-friendly and offers tasty grub. Let’s hope it’s the beginning of new life on Gerrard. [NOW]

You know, part of me really believes that the “drunken office Christmas party” really only exists on TV. I’ve never been to one, and I’ve never known anyone who has been to one. Most workplaces do some kind of demure no-booze luncheon and then send everybody back to work. [Grub Street]

Drake, you ho!!… It seems the Drake Hotel is buying up many of the buildings on the blocks around it with plans to build up and expand, potentially blocking windows of the buildings where the owners refuse to sell. That’s kinda not cool, y’all. [The Grid]

Shrimpers and crabbers in the Gulf Cost are asking for (and will likely get) 4 times their losses in compensation for  the BP oil spill. Finally, something good for the little guys. []

Uh… you guys do know that the point of a “secret” beer drinking club that verges ever-so-slightly on illegal is to not talk about it to tens of thousands of people, right? [BlogTO]

Coupon website Living Social is running a deal with McDonald’s today for a book of coupons. Anyone remember the 70s and 80s when McD’s did those holiday gift certificates? Or am I really old? [Chicago Tribune]

I’m not on the payroll for O&B, but I’ve loved the t-shirts that make up the uniform for servers at Bannock since the first time I saw them – both because they’re based on cool old maps, and also because the ladies’ shirts actually cover more than the men’s shirts do, which is such a refreshing change. They’re for sale at the restaurant. [Oliver & Bonacini Blog]

Coke’s white holiday cans seem to be confusing a lot of people who think they’re full of the diet version of the soda. [Wall Street Journal]