Lucky Dip – Tuesday, May 27th


Artist Jessica Harrison takes Grandma’s  dust-collecting figurines for a turn, re-imagining them as magnificent tattooed ladies. They’re quite brilliant and fun, but check her website if your taste is even more macabre. Grandma would be horrified! [Via This Is Colossal]

You know who’s awesome? Steve Albini. This musician and record producer has been working to his own set of rules and ethics since the 80s. And while the mainstream recording industry resents him for it, he’s been an important player in the independent, alternative music scene. [Via Boing Boing]



We know so little about the world of fungus, as this colourful and breath-taking collection of images by photographer Steve Axeford demonstrates. [Via This Is Colossal]


There’s a guy in London who specializes in creating historically accurate reproductions of medieval spoons. And they’re beautiful. See more [Via Spitalfields Life]

jonathankeysOld timey photos look old, in part, because of the camera. See what modern images look like taken with a 130-year-old camera and a 90-year-old lens. Jonathan Keys captures old and new London. [Via Dangerous Minds]