Beau’s Beer Dinner at the Queen and Beaver

Sometimes it’s hard being a princess. As a food writer, when it’s my job to eat what’s put in front of me, I try not to be (a princess, that is), but sometimes, it just can’t be helped. Sometimes, when it comes to eating lamb, other people get all princessy on my behalf, as was the case with the Beau’s beer dinner at Queen & Beaver on September 19th. Before I arrived at the Toronto Beer Week event, Greg had already mentioned to Chef Andrew Carter that I don’t eat lamb, which was to be the main dish of the evening.

Instead, I got the very tasty duck leg (above) with Spanish cherries. What I also got was an unmercilessness teasing from Chef Carter for well, being a princess.

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Smörgåsbord – Andrew Carter at St. Lawrence Market

Shoppers who bustle about the south St. Lawrence Market building seldom look up – they’re too busy. But if they did, they’d see that there is a fantastic kitchen and event space at the northwest corner that overlooks the market proper and offers a breathtaking view of the city skyline. Equipped with top of the line appliances, the space is often used to host dinners and cooking demos and this summer a handful of Toronto’s executive chefs are taking part in a dinner series where they’ll cook and interact with guests.

On May 12th, we attended the first event in this series with Chef Andrew Carter from the Queen and Beaver Public House (35 Elm Street). I’ve been a fan of Carter’s since he started at Q&B and he enthusiastically led Greg and I on a tour of his kitchen. That he’s been known to serve up dishes like fried cod cheeks, potted duck and a venison stew made with chocolate also don’t hurt.

His night at St. Lawrence Market featured traditional English fare, and was designed to tie in with the Toronto launch of the Billy Elliot musical.

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