Lucky Dip – Thursday, August 18th, 2011

I love this story about a revitalized hospital cafeteria menu featuring fresh ingredients. This is how is should be done. That we skimped on health and flavour for so long to save money is a travesty. [Toronto Star]

Fun dining versus fine dining – why pop-ups make little economic sense, especially when guests are paying more for less compared to an established restaurant. [Grub Street]

Delighted again by more good words about Pizza e Pazi. I didn’t know about the weekday buffet, though. Even better. [NOW] [The Grid]

Going to the Ex? Don’t pass up some unhealthy junk food (just this once!) – but maybe find some friends to share the donut burger with. [Toronto Star]

The restaurant industry – both businesses and customers – still haven’t figured out this whole Twitter thing. It seems that now, dissing a restaurant on the Twatter while you’re sitting at the bar could get you kicked out. Bad behaviour on everyone’s part here. [Houston Press]

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