Lucky Dip – Thursday, August 18th, 2011

I love this story about a revitalized hospital cafeteria menu featuring fresh ingredients. This is how is should be done. That we skimped on health and flavour for so long to save money is a travesty. [Toronto Star]

Fun dining versus fine dining – why pop-ups make little economic sense, especially when guests are paying more for less compared to an established restaurant. [Grub Street]

Delighted again by more good words about Pizza e Pazi. I didn’t know about the weekday buffet, though. Even better. [NOW] [The Grid]

Going to the Ex? Don’t pass up some unhealthy junk food (just this once!) – but maybe find some friends to share the donut burger with. [Toronto Star]

The restaurant industry – both businesses and customers – still haven’t figured out this whole Twitter thing. It seems that now, dissing a restaurant on the Twatter while you’re sitting at the bar could get you kicked out. Bad behaviour on everyone’s part here. [Houston Press]

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Lucky Dip – Monday, August 15th, 2011

Dear Toronto, since I know our cultural conservatism means we only do things after they’re dead and buried in a bigger, more important city, take note – the New York Times has called for the death of pop-ups. Better get out there and set up a cupcake truck or something while we can still hold our heads high as being hipster trend followers. And since “Diner en Blanc” also appears to have jumped the shark, maybe we can have one of those now too. It’s okay, most sheep are white. [New York Times] [Village Voice: Fork in the Road]

Did you donate money to send food aid to Somalia? How would you feel knowing that aid is regularly being stolen and sold instead of going to people who are starving? [Globe and Mail]

Salad dressing on the side. Besides ruining it for everybody else by making it the norm in some restaurants, all you dieters do know that you end up with about twice as much salad dressing in a ramekin (that you usually eat all of) than if the salad was dressed in the kitchen, right? [Epicurious]

10 things to never do in a restaurant. Like change your baby’s diaper in the dining room! (Although as an allergy sufferer, if I got up every time I had to blow my nose, I might as well just have my meal delivered to the restroom. How about if I promise to do it discreetly?) [Toronto Sun]

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Lucky Dip – Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Maybe I’m just too old, or too cranky, but even if the tacos are made by a great chef like Scott Vivian (Beast), ain’t no way I’m standing for an hour in weather with a 49’C humidex to get one. Just not getting it. [The Grid]

Another place you might have to line up for food this weekend is the T&T Waterfront Night Market. I don’t suppose they’d consider holding one of these during a time of year when you can go outside without fear of heatstroke, huh? [Torontoist]

Dear rockstars, maybe you should just stick to making music. Because if you’re putting your name behind liqueurs “for the ladies” that look like a cross between Pepto-Bismol and body lotion, well, we’re going to laugh at you. [The Guardian]

And speaking of sad marketing practices that prey on supposed gender issues – Milk’s “Got PMS” campaign has been pulled because it was utterly stupid. [Village Voice: For in the Road]

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