Awesome Thing – Well Preserved Picnic Blankets


Last weekend, the husband and I headed down to Well Preserved‘s Home Ec Big Outdoor Kitchen Party event at Harbourfront. It was a wonderful gathering of producers of preserved food, as well as a series of lectures and presentations on the various aspects of preserving. Joel MacCharles and Dana Harrison at Well Preserved have done a fantastic job of promoting local businesses as well as the overall art of preserving in our city and it was a delightful and well-planned event.

One of the things that caught our eye while we were there was this basket of blankets, clearly marked as being available to borrow at the event so people could sit on the grass by the lake while enjoying some of the tasty offerings from the participating vendors.

Why it’s awesome: because Joel and Dana obviously put enough thought into their event that they not only had blankets available but also had signage made to let people know. It’s awesome because they’re trusting enough to let people wander off with what looked like some nice quality blankets. And it’s awesome because they thought about the kind of atmosphere they wanted to create and did a simple little thing that was so kind and gracious.

Lucky Dip – Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

No soda, no candy, no fries. This school year, cafeterias are serving up healthier food. But will the kids eat it? [Toronto Star]

And if they don’t want the healthy cafeteria food, have the little buggers make their own lunch. [National Post: The Appetizer]

Oh, your kids can’t cook, you say? Well why the hell not? Maybe it’s time (okay, not maybe, it really IS time) to bring back Home Ec. – for ALL students. [New York Times]

Chicken and biscuits have Wonder Twin powers. It’s a fact. Plus other awesome breakfast foods. [Bon Appetit]

The Brits are giving the term “gastropub” the boot. Which means it’s okay for us to do the same, right? I don’t mind the term all that much, I’m just sick and tired of it being used to describe every place with upscale comfort food, regardless of whether there’s a pub aspect there or not. [Globe and Mail]

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