Lucky Dip – Friday, June 24th, 2011

In the version of this column that used to run on TasteTO, I’d often take local bloggers to task for running inaccurate reviews, pointing out that they could affect the restaurant’s business with a review that was not supported by research and fact. Now a blogger in Taiwan is facing fines and jail for exactly that issue. Watch what you write, folks. [Globe and Mail]

Who paid for the study? It’s a refrain heard in nutrition circles regularly, especially when the research appears to be in favour of processed foods that we know to be bad for us. It turns out, some scientists are happy to take a cheque from a corporation to fudge some numbers in their favour. [ABC]

Best idea ever – a packaging-free grocery store. That’s right, one massive bulk section where customers bring their own or buy compostable containers to get stuff home. [Good Food]

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Lucky Dip – Monday, June 13th, 2011

If nothing else, the policing of children’s weight and eating habits in schools will at least create plenty of jobs for therapists and psychiatrists as these children become adults and come to terms with how messed up they are because their teachers kept track of their body mass index. This one wins a big “what the fuck”. [National Post]

Chocolate milk is just soda in drag. Stop giving it to your kids. [Civil Eats]

Quebec or Ontario – who makes the better beer? You’d be surprised. [Toronto Star]

The old KISS adage (keep it simple, stupid) seems to have bypassed a lot of chefs lately. Or at least the ones who write dinner menus that read like Anne Rice novels. [Daily Mail]

They may be the cockroaches of the sea, but lobsters sure are tasty. [Toronto Sun]

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