They’ve Got Sausages at Marben and They’re Happy to See You

It seems as if every chef worth their weight in pork belly has been playing around with sausage-making lately. And with sausage and hot dog restaurants showing up as the next big trend, we’re all going to be eating many more of the things in the near future. So why not pit local chefs against each other to see who truly makes the best wurst.

Ryan Donovan and the gang at Marben (488 Wellington Street West) have decided to do just that. Throughout the spring and summer, select Wednesdays (2 each month) will see Sausage League take over the restaurant. While Marben’s regular menu will still be on offer, guests will have the option of ordering the sausage special for $25. What they’ll get is two dishes – one prepared by each chef – and they’ll get to choose their favourite. The chef who gets the most votes each night will move on to the next round of competition.

Chefs can make any kind of sausage they want, out of anything they want, so expect not just your standard pork and beef, but probably some game, duck,, rabbit… we’re betting that the June 8th competition between La Palette and Parts and Labour includes at least 1 horse meat sausage.

And it’s not just sausage guests will be eating but a whole dish with a variety of components.

Want to check out sausage league and cheer on/vote for your restaurant? Here’s the schedule. Sausage league runs on the dates indicated, from 5pm to 11pm. Reservations are recommended.

May 11th: The Harbord Room vs. The Drake Hotel
May 25th: C5 vs. Marron Bistro
June 8th: La Palette vs. Parts and Labour
June 22nd: The Stop Community Food Centre vs. Table 17
July 6th: The Healthy Butcher vs. Trevor Kitchen
July 27th: Torito vs. Pizzeria Libretto/Enoteca Sociale

August 10th: Winners from May 11th and June 22nd
August 24th: Winners from May 25th and July 6th
September 21st: Winners from June 8th and July 22nd

September 28th: Winners from the 3 playoff rounds will compete for the title.

This post originally appeared on TasteTO.