Lucky Dip – Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

They’re out there… they’re everywhere. You (hopefully) can’t miss fabulous local strawberries; eat them, they’re super good for you. [Toronto Sun] [Sweet Potato Chronicles] [Canadian Living: The Food Blog]

People are still squicked by the idea of artificial meat, but holy cow (heh), think of how great it would be for the environment. [The Guardian]

Especially when you consider how industrial farming is making everybody (humans and animals) sick. [The Daily Mail]

But – could the US Senate be ready to pass a bill banning anti-biotics in animal feed?!! [Food Safety News]

Fellow fatties, be forwarned, obesity is the last socially acceptable form of appearance-based discrimination, and with a push to cut back on “obesity-related” health care costs (most of which, as I rant about regularly, cannot be directly linked to obesity at all), that’s probably not going to change any time soon. [Globe and Mail]

We need to learn to eat all the bits of the fish, not just the fillets. Too much of the average processed fish is going to waste. [The Atlantic]

French restaurant hands back its Michelin star, and lowers prices to become a brasserie. [The Telegraph]

Is Korea struggling with a food identity crisis? [Toronto Star]

That cool old prison chapel in Liberty Village is set to (eventually) become a tavern. [The Grid]

Dutch Dreams – maybe not the best ice cream parlour in the city, but it’s full of eye candy. [Drawn and Devoured]

Soma is now open on King West, allowing both ends of the city to have great chocolate. [NOW]

The etiquette of bread and butter. [Huffington Post]