Lucky Dip – Monday, June 27th, 2011

I’m pleased to see a food-centred blog on Moneyville, and savvy-shopper-type tips on how grocery stores manipulate shoppers are useful and important. But for the life of me, I don’t get point #1 and the disjointed logic the writer uses. Having grown up with family members who worked in a grocery store, I’m pretty sure that the produce misters are there to keep greens like lettuce from wilting and drying out, not to make them look better so you’ll buy more junk food. [Toronto Star: Moneyville]

Big, wide rock fingers to Joshna Maharaj for not only talking about how chefs need to be involved in food activism but for getting out there and doing it. Maharaj is working with Scarborough Hospital to make patient meals there more nutritious – and delicious. You rock, lady! \m/_  [Globe and Mail]

My friend Jodi’s Great-Grandma used to make moonshine. And much hilarity ensued. [Nostrovia!]

I’ve been contemplating writing a piece on how restaurants can utilize social media, but this one says everything that I would have. Like, OMG – ditch the crap flash website and get yourself a WordPress site. [Zester Daily]

3 chefs tackle the new US food guide by creating a meal that represents the new plate system. [New York Post]

There really was a Chef Boyardee. Actually, there were three of them. [Toronto Sun]

Okay, the headline that linked to this post said “Americans drink more soft drinks than water…” But the graph only counts bottled water, because it’s based on sales figures. Which allows me the faint smidge of optimism and hope that tap water actually exceeds the whole lot. (Don’t kill it for me people, I need to pretend here, it’s just too depressing otherwise.) [Advertising Age]

The secret to why NYC bagels taste so good – they take the time to poach the things. If this is true, every bagel maker is Toronto has some explainin’ to do. [Slate]

Tips from chefs on packing your own lunch for air travel. (Because airline food, if it’s even available, is ewww.) [New York Times]


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  1. re Moneyville blogger — Glad I’m not the only one that found the “misting” point confusing/odd. I reread it a few times thinking I’d missed (ha!) something.

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