Lucky Dip – Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

One penny per pound. That’s the only thing separating Florida tomato pickers from earning enough to support themselves. Would you pay the extra penny at the supermarket? Of course you would. So why won’t supermarkets agree to the deal and get these people out of virtual slavery? [Zester]

Hey, no fair! EU shoppers will see more Canadian organic products on supermarket shelves. Canadian shoppers continue to be SOL. [Toronto Sun]

Here’s a thought – instead of banning shark fin, or the process of finning, how about everyone follow the lead of the Bahamas, where they’ve banned shark fishing outright? [New York Times]

Okaaaay… while I’m as down with a tiki-themed bar as any gal with an Esquivel! collection, I’m thinking someone made this list up while munching their way through a tub of chocolate ice cream after smoking some of those funny-smelling cigarettes. What could have been a really good article just got a little silly. [Toronto Standard]

Price elasticity – the rule by which kids’ weight increase in proportion to food price decreases. In other words, cheap food = fat kids. [Food Navigator]

Pucker up, it’s lemonade season. [Toronto Sun]

What’s so great about coconut water? Everything! Okay, I am addicted. But I was addicted before it got all trendy. Now I just have multiple brands to choose from. [Sweet Potato Chronicles]

Chop chop. The meditative release of chopping vegetables. [Globe and Mail]