Lucky Dip – Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

Stand firmly upon your own truth – Joshna finds meaning in the words of Nelson Mandela and translates it into her fight for good food. [Joshna Maharaj]

The problem with sites like CakeWrecks is that, without knowing the context, you can’t be sure the cake is actually a wreck – maybe it has some hidden meaning that everyone else just doesn’t get. As such, some of these ugly wedding cakes might actually be delightful, funny and meaningful to those in attendance. Okay, except for the cake that is a life-size version of the bride – that one is just narcissistic and creepy. [Village Voice: The Fork in the Road]

“It’s important when launching a female beer not to be too patronising.” Dear Molson-Coors – suck my dick, you fucking asswipes. A “female” beer???? Maybe if you treated women like real people who could make their own choices instead of titty-shaped marketing tools to sell beer to men, you wouldn’t NEED a fucking “female” beer. Assholes! [The Guardian]

Why we love comfort food – the science and magic of carbohydrates. [National Post]

Lentils yes, lamb, no. If someone created a pocket guide showing the environmental impact of various types of protein, would you use it? [Grist]

We tend to think only of overeating and undereating when it comes to eating disorders, but there’s a whole rainbow of obsessions when it comes to food and fitness. [Toronto Sun]

And speaking of food neuroses, look to yourself, farmers’ market customers – do you resemble any of these examples? And if you do, please stop regaling your favourite farmer about your digestive issues. [The Morning News]

Before they’re all gone – enjoy the local cherries. Either right away in a pandowdy or preserved with some rum to enjoy over the winter. [Food With Legs] [Well Preserved]

The road to becoming a chef is long and arduous, and sometimes painful. [Toronto Sun]

France and Germany are at odds over the inclusion of foie gras at a German food fair. [The Guardian]

Young Urban Farmers can help you set up a vegetable garden, or tend the whole thing for you. [Toronto Standard]