Lucky Dip – Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

It’s night market season – and if you can brave the line-ups (and possibly the hot weather) there are some good things to be had. [Globe and Mail]

For the life of me, I don’t get why people use Yelp. With stuff like this happening all the time, you can’t possibly trust anything that’s on there. [Eater]

The shareable food movement encompasses things like underground markets, pop-up restaurants and the like, but also breaks a gazillion laws when it comes to safety and sanitation. This is a list of potential ways to get around things, although many seem like more trouble than they’re worth and really depend on people being able to keep a secret. [Civil Eats]

Speaking of selling food with out a license or sanitation inspection – the history of the lemonade stand, complete with the hucksters and powdered lemonade mix. [NPR]

What to eat when it’s freakin’ hot. Grapes, watermelon, greens and grains. [Food Republic]

The hospitality industry tends to have little patience with food allergies because many people make them up in order to get better service or customize their food, but actually living with such an illness can be incredibly challenging. [Globe and Mail]

Chalk one up for the vegetarians? A restaurant is being sued for serving meat to a group of vegetarians. Compensation requested includes a trip to India to bathe in the Ganges. []

Restaurants probably have something to do with why people are getting hefty. With desserts in some establishments running 1500 calories, you’ve gotta figure it’s at least part of the problem. And that’s assuming that the reported calorie counts are accurate. [Food Politics] []

Moose nose is optional. Parks Canada launches an historic recipe app so you can see recipes for dishes from olden times and maybe cook them up yourself. [Globe and Mail]

Here’s the reality of the situation – everything in the world – including your personality – is making you fat. [The Atlantic Wire]

The “big knife”, food as fashion accessory, the stern executive… the many cliches of chef photos. [Eater]

US chain grocery stores team up with Michelle Obama to open new locations in food deserts. [USA Today]

While the theory on this one is logical, the study is too small to be conclusive – but maybe eating the same meals every day is the key to losing weight – you just get so bored with the same thing that you eat less. Or snap and go on a bender in the nearest pastry shop… [Globe and Mail]