Lucky Dip – Thursday, July 21st, 2011

If you were wondering if the gourmet burger trend has maybe jumped the shark, here’s proof. If there are enough burger places in Toronto for NOW to do a “Top 50” feature, and still leave out some notable local spots, then we have too many burger joints. [NOW]

When did bartenders become mixologists and why does it now take 10 minutes to mix a cocktail? [Bon Appetit]

This is kind of a “well, duh!” article, but to reaffirm what we already know – a vegetarian diet high in fibre helps prevent diverticular disease compared to diets that are meat-heavy and low in fibre.  (Don’t know what diverticular disease is? Google it, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.) [Toronto Sun]

Sea salt – you know, that other, less salty kind of salt. [Food Navigator USA]

Cass Enright has a hit with beer at the Barns. [The Grid]

Yesterday, I included foods to eat when it’s hot outside – today, a list of foods to avoid. [Food Republic]

Okay, so La Societe isn’t crossing any lines in terms of inventiveness with their classic French bistro menu, but maybe less than stellar food is what you get for doing a review a mere 5 days after they open. [Dine.TO]

A restaurant door tour – some of these are really cool! [The Atlantic]

So what do you think about farming bluefin tuna? [LA Times]

In the US today, it’s National Junk Food Day. Which kind of makes you wonder how much extra junk will be eaten today compared to any other day. [CNN: Eatocracy]

And nobody saw this one coming did they – scary weeds are becoming resistant to Monsanto’s arsenal of chemicals, leaving farmers, well, pretty darn screwed. [FastCompany]