Lucky Dip – Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Will a national food day convince people to eat better in the way that an earth day made us more aware of environmental issues? [The Atlantic]

You’ve heard of calorie counts on menus, but what about CO2 counts? Would you eat less of something at a fast food restaurant if you knew its carbon footprint? [Globe and Mail]

Is it the end of days for professional food critics? [The Atlantic Wire]

Soda, juice and booze… they’re tasty, but they’re screwing with your weight. [Toronto Star: HealthZone]

Are there too many dates on your food packages? In the UK, they’re looking to scrap the “sell-by” date and maybe the others, depending on the food. [BBC]

No matter how good the grub at Cafe Belong might be, it doesn’t change the fact that The Brickworks is a pain to get to without a car. [NOW]

And here’s another reason to just teach your kids to cook real food as soon as they’re old enough – the new Easy Bake oven is now aimed at older kids (no more cooking with a lightbulb – thanks environmentalists) who can probably use a regular stove with some supervision. Also, the image of dancing tween versions of Nigella are too, too horrifying. [Chow]

It’s all about beer at The Grid this week at we celebrate Toronto Beer Week. Some stuff to try for fall, plus more. [The Grid]

Yea, it’s a lovely chilly fall day out there. But we’ll get at least one more day warm enough to enjoy the ice cream sandwiches of Toronto. [Toronto Life]

Thanks to Michelle Obama, Olive Garden and Red Lobster will be reducing sodium and calories in their children’s menu items. Obama makes no promises on ensuring whether the food will actually taste good. [Eatocracy]