Shut Yo’ Mouth – Stuff I Wrote This Week – September 17, 2011

David Rocco creates a new menu for the Roosevelt Room.

An Italian wine dinner at Vertical.

Luma lunchbox turns TIFF into a picnic.

New York Subway reopens.

Whose sticky toffee will reign supreme?

Art & Drinks – a gallery attached to a cafe, attached to a locavore deli.

Indonesian Rijsttafel night at Quince.

Viva Mexico, Viva Revolucion!

All the good eats at Toronto Beer Week.

The Bowery offers a cing-a-sept menu.

Battle of the Creative chefs.

Late Night (dinner) on the Eglinton Way.

Feast for the Fight.

Dinner with the wines of Niagara and Nova Scotia.

Toronto restaurant news.