Lucky Dip – Friday, October 21st, 2011

Yikes! A Pusateri’s location was shut down yesterday due to an infestation of rats and roaches. [Toronto Star]

Conservatives – they’ve got a way of ruining everything. Like in the US where some supermarkets are refusing to stock Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy Balls ice cream because of some right-wing organization of concerned parents. Really? You folks think a little chuckle and a punny innuendo is going to ruin society? [Huffington Post]

The guys behind Trevor Kitchen have started a pizza business. That they didn’t want you to know they were behind. [Toronto Star]

Wouldn’t it be a lovely world if places stopped kowtowing to celebrities, like the KFC in the UK that refused to reserve a table for John Travolta? Awesome. [Videogum]

Fear of being fat might be more dangerous than the fat itself. [Toronto Sun]

Are you dining out without even knowing it? [Seattle Weekly]

Eric Vellend predicted the internet trolls would be after him for this list of the best tacos in the city. I’m betting he’s right, both in terms of what he didn’t include, and the ones he did. [Toronto Life]

It reeks of laziness for government to let any industry monitor itself and that’s especially true of nutrition labelling on food packages. [Globe and Mail]

When you need to numb yourself with food – these are probably your best bets. [The Hairpin]

Food trucks might seem like a cool business opportunity – but they’re as much  work as a regular restaurant, plus some added stress. [Globe and Mail]