Lucky Dip – Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

After a whole lot of wine last night, I’m super-excited that today is National (well, in the US, who’s quibbling?) Greasy Foods Day. Pass the fried chicken. [Bites]

Oh come on… kids who drink more soda are more likely to be violent? Or maybe they’re violent because they’re frustrated by stupid, biased studies. [Globe and Mail]

Speaking of studies, you know how you were supposed to drink 8 glasses of water, and then you didn’t have to… maybe we actually should. Preliminary studies show a link between low water consumption and high blood sugar. Further research will be needed to determine if it’s causal or if people who don’t drink a lot of water are replacing it with soda and juice, but still… drink some water. [Toronto Sun]

Dear McDonald’s, even worse than the bad press you might get from that lady who goes around swabbing your Playlands and testing for germs would be banning said lady from entering your premises. Because that just makes you look like you *know* you’ve got something to hide. And did you really think she wouldn’t go to the press with the letter from your lawyers? [Consumerist]

I guess just saying, “Hey, your meal is done and we need the table, get the fuck out?” wouldn’t be acceptable, huh? #whyIcouldneverownarestaurant [Inside Scoop SF]

While I think it’s great the the Federal government wants to enforce new labels regarding “natural” products, shouldn’t we all, first, come to a consensus on what “natural” actually means? [Globe and Mail]

While the issue of horse meat has been prevalent in Canada for a few years, folks are just cluing in to what happens to their kid’s pony or retired racehorse once it’s sold in the US. [New York Times]

How to handle the Halloween candy. [Toronto Sun]

It’s Diwali – pass the sweets! [Guardian]

A hidden gem in Rosedale – Summerhill Market. [Toronto Star]

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  1. Regarding the soda study, I laughed out loud earlier when I saw this headline and sub-headline in my inbox from Medline Plus:

    “Soft Drinks Linked to Violent Tendencies in Teens: Study
    But association could be due to poor parenting, researchers note”

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