Lucky Dip – Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

Toronto has officially banned the sale, possession and consumption of shark fin. Thank you city council, for doing the right thing. Let’s hope this leads to other jurisdictions passing a similar law. [Toronto Star]

The math on this seems a little sketchy (a can of Coke has 39g of sugar; so 365 cans would be 14,196g  or 31.29 pounds), but the New York City Healthy Department is claiming that drinking 1 can of soda a day is the equivalent of ingesting 50 pounds of sugar per year. Still, an extra 31 pounds can’t be good either. [CBS New York]

Goodbye potatoes, hello rice. How a changing demographic is changing how Canadians eat. [Food Navigator]

Eat your broccoli to keep colds at bay. [Globe and Mail]

Chefs and restaurants are now using Twitter regularly. Just remember – no squabbling with disgruntled customers and for the love of God, stop retweeting every nice thing anybody says about you. We know you’re great, that’s why we’re already following you! [Wall Street Journal]

Parkdale is still debating the benefits of having a bar entertainment complex like Parts & Labour adjacent to private homes. [The Grid]

Candy smackdown – Coffee Crisp versus Crunchie. [Globe and Mail]

I hope I’m not as whiny about my “no lining up” policy as this person, but there are a few points here – most importantly that within a block of the hot trendy restaurant with the line is a place with no line where the food and service are actually better. [Slate]

Coffee purists might turn up their noses at flavoured coffees, but if you’re counting calories (or saturated fat), they’re a better bet than those lattes with all the milk and whipped cream. [Globe and Mail]

The 20 unhealthiest cereals – some of which you probably thought were good for you. [Daily Beast]

The folks at Kernal Peanuts are seeing black – rare black Valencias, that is. [Globe and Mail]

2 thoughts on “Lucky Dip – Wednesday, October 26th, 2011”

  1. Sheryl, I made it to the bottom of the Slate no lining up policy piece and I’m going to have to disagree strongly with the author’s solution. She makes a backup reservation near trendy restaurants? Presumably, if Trendy Hot Table can seat her in a reasonable amount of time this means she just no shows on her table at Hard Working Local Joint? Seems pretty odious to me.

    1. I agree David, just because I link to ’em doesn’t mean I endorse everything in ’em. That bit did seem a bit skanky.

      I must be getting old, or I’m off my game – second time today I had the opportunity to call someone on their shit and didn’t.

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