Lucky Dip – Friday, October 28th, 2011

Remember that nice lady on your street who always made the awesome candy apples every Halloween? She wouldn’t hurt you with poison or razorblades. Why trick or treating for homemade goodies isn’t all that scary. [Globe and Mail]

What the candy you give out for Halloween says about you. [My Food Looks Funny]

Tipping part 2, when to be generous. [Inside Toronto: Menumental]

Dear restaurant-goers – if you can’t afford to order a drink other than the free tap water, please stay home. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

Chef Matt Kantor did a Tribute to El Bulli dinner 3 nights this week at The Cookbook Store; Jennifer Bain recaps the 23-course meal. (I hope to have my own recap up this weekend.) [Toronto Star]

Here’s a thought – do candy bars ever go bad? [Slate]

Pasta 101 with Scott Conant from Scarpetta. [The Grid]

Wanna show the 1%? Occupy your kitchen and cook more, especially if your usual eating-out places are corporately-owned chains that rely on factory farms and GMOs. [Huffington Post]

Splendido offers “bacon and eggs” but you have to cook it yourself! [The Cookbook Store Blog]

The 10 greatest trick-or-treat candies. [Village Voice: The Fork in the Road]