Smörgåsbord – Nuit Social


Nuit Social
1168 Queen Street West

While Toronto is generally tired of “small plates” (which were really just a way to charge big prices for not much food), real tapas bars are still a novelty. Ones that pull off an authentic style of service as well as serving great food are even more rare, which is why I’m kind of stoked to have Nuit Social within walking distance of home.

Chef John Rosal’s menu is designed for sharing, but is completely customizable. Separate sections for meat, olives and cheese have around eight options each (plus specials) and are all available as one, three or five choices, allowing diners to create bespoke platters, and more importantly, try new selections.

An additional menu of shareable plates include sizeable portions of things like fried artichokes, arancini balls and scallops. The dessert menu is short with just three options but they are at least interesting twists on classic dishes.

Everything on the tight, 20-item wine list is available in 3oz or 5oz pours, which is a rarity in Toronto, and will be greatly appreciated by anyone as interested in trying different wines as they are different foods. Not to mention the bonus that the designated driver can still indulge in a small glass of something if they are so inclined.

Nuit Social is a perfect place for early evening or late night drinks and snacks, but we were easily and happily able to create a full dinner from their interesting and diverse menu. They make a fine addition to the neighbourhood and I can’t wait to go back.

Pictured above: meat board with fennel Salami, Schinkenspeck and Chorizo Iberico with string beans, white bean dip and crostini.

Olive selection with smoked olives (top, daily special) plus Taggiasche (centre) and Red Cerignol (bottom).
Cheese board with fried lotus chips and house-made preserves.
The gorgeous stained glass bar is the focal point of the space. Created by artist Joseph Aigner, it’s protected with a sheet of tempered glass.
Fried artichokes with puttanesca sauce. Crazy good and addictive.
Seared scallops with corn and mushrooms.
The maple pine nut tart is like Quebec meets Italy. There’s a lovely balance between the sweet tart filling and the sharp taste of pine nuts.