Flavour Flash – The Festive Special

As Canadian Thanksgiving approaches, we ponder the annual question associated with this holiday with trepidation. Not what to be thankful for, but rather… will it be too hot in Toronto to actually cook a roast bird and five side dishes on Thanksgiving Day? It’s about a 50/50 draw; some years early October is cool and rainy, other years temperatures can hit the high 20s.

Since it’s just Greg and I, we usually just cook a chicken, but I don’t relish standing in a hot kitchen with the oven and all the burners going if it’s going to be a warm day with a humidex. Besides, I can roast a chicken any time, I don’t need a holiday to do it, so while we want to do something to celebrate the day, I’m never inclined to actually break a sweat.

For the past couple of years in pandemic times, upscale local restaurants have filled the void with gorgeous multi-course menus delivered to our door. One of the options we considered this year included seared foie gras, so there’s lots to be thankful for.

In the past, though, the delivery options got no more fancy than Swiss Chalet.

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Lucky Dip – Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Earth Bloor West delivers the same consistent dishes as Ed Ho’s other two locations. [NOW]

Turns out, not everyone who works with food and writes about food is obsessed with food. [Village Voice/The Feast]

We all buy them from time to time, so… who makes the best prepared salads? [Food With Legs]

It reeks of a little bit of desperation – dieters are more likely to trust claims on food packaging. [US News Health]

Now, food comes on two wheels. [The Grid]

Meat glue – it’s going upscale and mainstream, and some of the world’s top chefs think the stuff is really, really keen. [MeatPaper]

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